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Mommy Makeover body


Mommy makeover is a combination of multiple procedures to restore a beautiful look after pregnancy that range from liposuction, tummy tuck, breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, as well as facial rejuvenation. Most often, women choose a mommy makeover to   combat the physiological changes that women experience when passing through the various stages of motherhood and improve figure by restoring its natural female form.

When can I get back to my exercise routine and work?

The recovery period is usually more prolonged than the rest of procedures by themselves as multiple procedures will imply longer recovery times. Patients should be prepared for a recovery period of 4-6 weeks and avoid heavy lifting or vigorous exercise such as jogging or aerobics. You will most likely be able to return to work within a 1-2weeks depending of the type of procedures your decided going thru.