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Profound®  is the first Device to Create All 3 Skin Fundamentals: Elastin. Collagen. Hyaluronic Acid.

Uniquely, Profound® is clinically proven to create 3 vital skin elements: elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid2. These major skin building blocks work to create dermal volume.

Profound is the first device with temperature controlled radiofrequency clinically and scientifically proven to deliver energy directly to the deep dermis to stimulate neo-elastogenesis, neocollagenesis and hyaluronic acid deposition. Now Profound delivers fractional RF energy to the subcutaneous layer enabling treatment of adipose tissue and the septae as well. Profound is a comprehensive treatment addressing both the Dermal & SubQ layers. Confidently expand your practice offerings with this single treatment procedure with a 100% response* rate.



Profound Advantages

    NEW: Now treats and remodels adipose tissue and septae with the SubQ module.

    Creates elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid, profoundly.

    Creates dermal volume, naturally, to answer a big concern: how to replace lost volume in aging skin.

    Yields 100% response* for total patient atisfaction.

    Treats jawline, jowls, wrinkles and other textural considerations.

    Real time temperature control for unprecedented treatment control.

    Yields predictable results with complete control over depth, temperature and time of treatment.

    Growing Demand For High-End facial Treatments - $45 Billion In The US Alona!

Profoundly Impressive Results of a Multi-Center Study of 100 Patients

Effective at Toning Lax Skin, Creating Dermal Volume

    1st clinical evidence of profound neoelastogenesis

    Clinical proof of new elastin, collagen & hyaluronic acid

    Increase in reticular dermal volume

High Physician & Patient Satisfaction

    100% response rate for wrinkles3, 95% response rate for skin laxity

    47% had “significant to dramatic improvement in global skin appearance”

    Non-surgical, yet yields 37% improvement in skin laxity compared to a surgical face lift

    Natural healing response at all skin levels. No fillers. No toxins.


Before                                                                6 months after 1 treatment


Before                                                                 3 months after 1 treatment


Before                                                                 2 months after 1 treatment


Before                                                                 1 months post treatment


*Based on results of a clinical study in 20 patients, measuring improvement in Fitzpatrick Wrinkle Scale at 3 months compared to baseline based on independent review of photographs.

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