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Neck Lift


Neck lift in Miami, FL

A neck lift, or lower rhytidectomy, is a surgical procedure that improves visible signs of aging in the jawline and neck, such as excess fat and in the lower face that creates jowls, excess fatty deposits under the chin, loose neck skin and muscle banding in the neck.

This procedure is usually done as outpatient under general anesthesia. The incisions are hidden inconspicuously behind the ears and the result is an enhanced, more pleasing neck and jawline. 

How long does the neck lift take to perform?

A neck lift can take between one and a half to three hours to complete depending on what approach is being used and how much work is being done  

Are there scars after a neck lift?

Though the incisions made for the neck lift will result in scars, they tend to be well-concealed as they are mainly located behind the ear and sometimes beneath the chin.

When will I be able to return to work after undergoing a neck lift?

Most patients are able to return to work within seven to ten days after the neck lift, sometimes sooner for those patients with minimal swelling.

 When will I be able to exercise after my neck lift?

Aerobic activity (reconditioning) may be resumed within ten to fourteen days after the neck lift and more strenuous activity (resistance workouts) within three to four week