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Pre-pectoral Breast Reconstruction

There are several methods of breast reconstruction including under or above the muscle. Traditionally, breast cancer patients who undergo a mastectomy and desire breast implant reconstruction would have their implants or tissue expanders placed under the chest muscle or pectoralis major muscle. However, as breast reconstruction techniques have evolved through the years, patients have benefitted from the advanced technology. One of the latest techniques offering several advantages to patients is breast reconstruction surgery done with what is called pre-pectoral reconstruction. Dr. Gottenger is one of the pioneers doing this surgical approach in South Florida with a very positive experience and reliable results.


Less pain

Prevents muscle animation deformity, where the pectoral muscles look prominent and can cause a rippling in the implant when they are activated, which can occur when the implant is placed beneath the muscle.

Faster recovery, better mobility

•       Excelent cosmetic  result

No every patient is a candidate for this surgical approach. If you are considering pre-pectoral breast reconstruction, Dr. Gottenger specializes in this area and can offer you individualized care. 

We have found that many patients who have previously had under-the-muscle reconstruction are candidates for the above-the-muscle procedure as well.

Dr. Gottenger is very proud to be a part of a forward-thinking movement of using the newest technologies and techniques for breast reconstruction as long as it is beneficial for the patient. 

We offer the latest implants and tissue expanders of the most reputable companies such as Natrelle, Mentor, Sientra and AeroForm.